Thursday, 14 October 2010

Apple vs. Google TVs

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Apple vs. Google TVs

I agree. I took one look at that picture of Jobs and my first thought was, "Watch out for crazy Steve!"

As for the picture, Steve Jobs can't help that he got old. Someday you & I will look the same

I don't care how old I get, I'm not wearing turtlenecks.

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Frustration and Unhappiness In the Games Industry

Slashdot Games Story | Frustration and Unhappiness In the Games Industry

"....I spent some time with my brother in Sweden, he moved over there during a student exchange program. He liked it so much he stayed. Why does he like it so much? Well he works for Sony Ericsson as a programmer/engineer and to say they have a different work philosophy is an understatement.

To list some of the perks:
On day 1, out of university, he gets 6 weeks vacation, with the ability
to bank another 2. He has 8+2 weeks now.
Overtime, such thing as "Salary employee".
You are payed extra to carry a blackberry
By law a person has to be no farther that 10 meters from a natural light
source...even in a skyrise. They have a whole classes in architecture
schools on this.
Free medicare
Free gym
Free bereavement time no questions asked
6 months PATERNITY leave
free daycare services
Managers and executives that fail employee review are often pushed into
no managerial roles.

Sony-Ericsson is considered a slave driving company in Sweden. Google
may have won "Best Employer" in the US, but they would be considered
McDonald's level in Scandinavia and a lot of the western european

Well yes that sounds nice but doesn't he miss the free market???